• Fits 1-3" Paint Brushes
• Elastic handle hole and tear-away edge
• Zip top seals painted brush and keeps wet for weeks
• 100% Recyclable

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Roller BrushBaggy

Roller BrushBaggy

• Fits 9" Roller Brushes
• Reusable + Recyclable
• Zip top seals painted roller and keeps wet for months
• 100% Recyclable

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Tray BrushBaggy

Tray BrushBaggy

• Fits entire 9" Roller Trays and multiple brushes
• Giant Reusable 16 x 20" BrushBaggy
• Zip top seals painted brushes and keeps wet for months
• 100% Recyclable

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Large BrushBaggy

Large BrushBaggy

• Fits Larger 3-4" Paint Brushes
• Elastic handle hole and tear-away edge
• Zip top seals painted brush and keeps wet for weeks
• 100% Recyclable

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Why BrushBaggy?

  • Custom Designed Baggy Sizes

    No more mess making plastic wrap or grocery bags fit your needs, Brush Baggies are designed for one purpose.

  • Fits Brushes, Rollers + Trays

    Perfectly sized to fit the most common brushes. Keeps them wet and ready to go whether you take a break for 10 minutes or 10 days.

  • Saves Water + Paint

    Save gallons of water and eliminate the waste of washing fresh paint down the drain.

  • Saves Hours in Cleanup

    Never ruin a brush again and skip the clean up until the job is done saving hours in washing.


What is BrushBaggy?

BrushBaggy is a specially designed plastic covering for paint brushes and roller trays used to prevent paint from drying out in between uses.

How long will BrushBaggy keep paint wet for?

We advertise that they "Keep Paint Wet for Weeks" but the reality is for latex paints, BrushBaggy will last for months if completely sealed and brushes are significantly saturated with paint.

How does BrushBaggy save me money?

BrushBaggy has many benefits. The most important is its protection against drying paint on brushes and trays. Paint brushes can be pricey items and an important part of your painting project. BrushBaggy keeps your brushes fresh and the project moving.

How does BrushBaggy save me time?

It's takes a lot of time and water to properly wash your brushes. BrushBaggy allows you to store your brushes in confidence until you are completely done your painting project without the effort and time it takes to wash in between uses.

Is BrushBaggy recyclable?

Yes, BrushBaggy is made from polypropylene which is reused to make all kinds of different products. Read more about how BrushBaggy contributes to sustainability.

Is there a minimum order on BrushBaggy.com?

There is no minimum order. Purchase as much or as little as you like and remember there's never a cost for shipping!

How It Works: It’s simple. Just Slip. Zip. Rip.

  • Step 1: Slip

    Whether you are done for the day, taking a short break, or you need to wait two weeks to finish that project, Slip your brush or tray into the custom designed BrushBaggy.

  • Step 2: Zip

    Zip it shut to create an air tight seal. The elastic hole for the brush handle stretches to keep paint and moisture locked in.

  • Step 3: Rip

    When you’re ready to begin painting again, Rip your brush free through the custom designed tear-away opening and recycle the baggy.

Every purchase counts

Every purchase counts

BrushBaggy donates a 5% portion of every sale to Water.org, dedicated to empowering families through affordable access to water.

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