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A new product to make your paint life easier.

BrushBaggy™ is a convenient, simple to use paint product  for DIYers and pro painters. Save time, water and the headache of cleaning brushes until the job is done. Try them and you will see why BrushBaggy is better than anything else.

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Product Benefits
  • Save Time + Prep
    Save Time + Prep

    Designed to be simple to use, the Brushbaggy™ saves time in prep and cleanup

  • Keeps Paint Fresh
    Keeps Paint Fresh

    Custom designed for all of your tools, paint stays out-of-the-can fresh on your brush for weeks

  • Saves Water + Paint
    Saves Water + Paint

    Eliminate the need to wash brushes between coats, saves water and paint

  • Recyclable

    Convenient to use, the Brushbaggy™ is disposable and recyclable



BrushBaggy is simple and effective. Paint will stay out of the can fresh for 2 weeks or more. Start and stop your projects at a moment's notice.

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BrushBaggy products are perfect for any store selling painting products. Order a display today and find out why we are the perfect add-on item for anything related to paint.

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Every purchase counts

BrushBaggy donates a 5% portion of every sale to Water.org, dedicated to empowering families through affordable access to water.


What our customers are saying

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You put it in handle first which makes it nice so the paint doesn't make a mess. When you want to take it out and use your brush again, you just rip the bag away from the bristle end. Quite nice I must say. I'll buy these in larger quantities. 

- Kimberly

I'm a decorative painter & paint all the time so I always have a few wet brushes laying around of many different colors so your baggies are a great idea! I am a returning customer for life!

- Sandy

No matter what with cling wrap, the tips of the bristles seem to dry out a little bit and will make lines in the paint job. These seal like a sandwich bag with a hole for the brush handle and will keep the moisture in the bag and the tips of the bristles stay moist.

- Susan

Whenever I start a painting/staining project something always happens that requires me to stop, even if it's only to wait for my perfect first coat to dry. Whenever I set my brush down for any period of time, I use a BrushBaggy. Super easy. I can start and stop whenever I want.

- Tom

Waaaaaaaaayyy easier. In the past I've used old shopping bags or even cling wrap to cover paint brushes while taking breaks but I sometimes don't wrap things properly. Air gets in and my brushes get ruined. This is simple, effective and a bargain!

- Jane