“A week or two ago I saw a post about BrushBaggy. I'm a lifelong painter, both Union and non-union. I've ran the biggest companies and worked for the smallest. I normally wash my brushes at the end of each day. But sometimes, there just isn't time. Or there's no access to water. So I would just wrap my brushes in plastic. It was pretty quick, and it kept the air out and the paint wet. I decided to check out BrushBaggy just to give them an honest try in a professional setting. Honestly, they work extremely well. Much faster and better than I thought they would or could. They slide right on, seal perfect and pull right off and the brush is still perfectly shaped and ready to go again. I highly recommend trying these out. I'll be purchasing a nice order. Thanks for the samples guys! They really do work great and I am using them every day so I need more! Very good idea making these." - Michael M., Lockport, IL.


"I'm a decorative painter & paint all the time so I always have a few wet brushes laying around of many different colors so your baggies are a great idea! I'll be a return costumer for sure. " - Sandy M., Linden, MI.


"At first I was skeptical about BrushBaggy. As a professional painter with 20 years in the trade, we would use plastic or Ziploc. Sometimes we would wrap the brush too tight and ruin the brush hairs. The way the BrushBaggy is designed with the hole that fits so snug and having different sized brushes and shapes -  they all fit nice and snug keeping the brush safe and ready to use they next time you need it. You can also see the color of the paint right through the bag so no need to label anymore. If you are a painter I would strongly advise to give them a try. Once you do you will be happy you did. Thank you BrushBaggy for this simple but great concept that you came out with."  - Aaron R., Greene, NY. and Administrator for World Wide Professional Painters.


"I have been using these during a house project all this week. Way better than bunched up grocery bags or cling wrap. BrushBaggy is much easier!!!" - Ralph R., Rome, GA.

"I'm horrible about washing my brushes each time and usually just throw a grocery bag over my brush and can of paint. I know NOT a good idea, inevitably it starts to go hard! The BrushBaggy is a total saver for me, especially because I use a lot of the same color day in and day out! Now my brush is as good as the first time I used it! Woot! Nice and snug in its BrushBaggy 😁Thanks!!" - Roz R., NewOldFinds, Atlanta, GA.


I can't say enough good things about my new BrushBaggy!! I love these and won't ever go without them!! – Sue A, Holly Springs, NC.


"Happily trashing my tin foil! I've been painting and repainting the walls in our various homes for 22 years. I HATE washing out my brushes just so I can finish up and re-touch the next day. My solution has been to wrap them in tin foil, then use a half-crusty brush the next day. A friend of a friend gave me a few Brush Baggies and I LOVE them- no brainer!! They are cleaner, more effective and keep the paint wet and brush soft until I'm ready to use again. Wish I had them 22 years ago!" – Courtney L, Atlanta, GA.


"I just purchased online. Someone posted the link to BrushBaggy on a Furniture Staging & Styling Facebook page - there were quite a few people commenting on the post! I guess you'll be busy :) LOL" - Cait O., Ontario, Canada.


“Everyday is crunch time for us. We are very busy contractors. BrushBaggy helps keep us on task and not wasting any time. They are extremely easy to use, sized just right, and easy to tear off when we are ready to go again. No mess or fuss. Thank you. – T. Ross, 530 Builders, Truckee, CA.


"I am a professional painter and have used plastic for years. BrushBaggy is quicker and easier than anything else I have tried. Saves all my guys from washing until the job is done. I like that." - Kevin T., Bangor, MI.


“Wow!!!!!! These brush baggies are fantastic!  10 Stars.  What a great invention.  I HATED having to rinse my brush after each use. I did try regular ziploc bags, but my brush would still dry out. Gotta try these!!!! – Louise S., Barto, PA.


“I think they are great. I am a painter and there are times on job sites that you don't have access to water or a place to wash your brushes out.” – Robert B., Robert Brown Painting, Spokane Valley, WA.


“I should have invented this jesh.” – Tricia Dold.


“These are super convenient. I hate painting and anything to make it more convenient/less mess is good in my books. Awesome product. – Jullie, H. Jacksonville, FL. 


“I have a septic system which means I cannot clean painting stuff without harsh chemicals which then need to be properly disposed of. These certainly help!” – Marsha Hughes



“What an idea. I have been a residential and commercial painter for 18 years and this has been staring me in face all this time. Congrats on taking a simple idea and applying to a real need in our industry.” – Bill G., Kansas City, KS. 


"I’ve had a chance to use BrushBaggy for the paint tray, rollers, and brushes. I like them a lot! I’m painting the whole interior of the house and after that I’ll be painting the exterior. Since it’s just me and the paining is not a full time job, I was using a LOT of plastic wrap in order to avoid washing brushes and rollers every day. BrushBaggy is a great solution! They work really well. It’s a pleasure to just be able to zip them up and pick up later just where I started without having to constantly reload the brushes and rollers with paint. I’ve shared the samples you provided with a couple of friends as well. I’m sure they will be just as impressed as I am!" - Dianna B., Woodland, CA.


“Being an owner of a large painting company in Atlanta for over 15 years I have come across lots of gadgets that claim to help us do our jobs better and more efficiently. Because of the high competition we are pretty forward thinking when it comes to adopting new practices or products that will help us deliver nothing less than a fantastic customer experience. I've found that some of the best products that help us are the simple ones; i.e. shoe covers. When these first came out we quickly adopted them not only keep the client's home clean but also save time by not having to remove shoes every time we go in and out of the house. It's now standard practice that my crew members have at least two sets of these for every day's jobs. About two months ago I was introduced to Brush Baggy. I had never seen or heard of these gems. We picked up a couple of samples and I let my crew use them. The feedback was TREMENDOUS! There is major time prepping and cleaning up paint materials. We are always in constant motion and hate to stop to clean a brush or a trey. Up until this time we had been using plastic wrap and boxes to keep our wet brushes in temporarily. Plastic wrap is messy and doesn't seal properly. Plastic boxes are ok but require you to clean them out which defeats the purpose of saving time and time is money! These bags are simple in usage but extremely effective. And because they come in different sizes and are so inexpensive they are a no-brainer! Thank you for saving us time and money. We will be ordering boxes just wish our guys could source them locally.” - Chad W. CW Painting and Contracting, Atlanta GA.