"This made my painting project so streamlined! I was able to stop and start without the long, messy process of washing my brushes, the brushes were perfectly moist and ready to go even days later!" -DIYMom

"Amazing product. So simple and easy. I had to stop the project unexpectedly and it kept my brush fresh and wet for a week, like I just dipped it in the paint!" - JGeo

"Have a few rentals and can’t wash my brushes at the houses, used brush bags and this makes my life 100x easier. As a matter of fact, left two brushes in truck and forgot for almost 3 weeks and brushes are still wet in bags!! These rock!" - Jeff

"Baggie kept paint wet between coats...No dried areas on brush. Works great" - PitzDIY

"Why didn't I think of this!!?? I used a brush baggy when I painted my son's nursery and it worked great! It's such a pain to keep on washing your brushes every time you need to take a break as well as waiting for the brushes to dry - ain't nobody got time for that. I would highly recommend these." - JennyCetic

"A clever way to keep your paint brush from drying out between coats. These brush covers are really just a zip lock bag with a small hole in the end opposite the sealing end. To use simply insert the paintbrush, handle first, into the baggie. The handle pushes through the hole in the bottom of the bag. When the brush’s bristles are fully in the bag just zip it closed to seal the brush head into a virtually airtight bag. When you want to use the brush again just hold the zipped end firmly in one hand and pull the brush right out through the bottom of the bag. These are single use bags so just discard the used bag after removing the brush. I think these bags will easily keep brushes fresh between coats perhaps for up to a couple of days. If it will be longer than that I would recommend throughly cleaning the brush instead of using these bags." - TC

"Save time. Save water. Save paint and prevent the usual mess you make washing fresh paint down the drain. This is a great product if you are about to do any amount of painting - big job or small. These brush bags slide easily on the brush. They seal tight around the handle, and and pull right off leaving the brush perfectly shaped, moist and ready to go - just like the day you bought the brush .Brush Baggy is way better, faster, and less trouble than any grocery bag, Saran wrap, or whatever you've been using. Saves me from washing the brushes until the job is done.Well worth it. I would highly recommend them." - Gully

"I choose this BrushBaggy Large Project Pack 3 to 4 in. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag (25-Pack) because it sounded good not washing my paint brush every time or if I'm going to use them again soon I wrapped them in grocery bags and roll them up tight to get the air out, same with my rollers (which worked fine). Wanted to try these. I put my brush in the bag and left it for 3 days. Zipped closed just fine. The hole the handle goes thru makes a tight seal. The top of the brush closest to the handle started to dry out a little bit when I took it out. I washed the brush in hot water and dish soap and scrub it. It came out pretty clean. A 4" brush would be a squeeze to get into the bag because of the zip close is to tight of an opening." -Artist

"Brush baggies are awesome and a game changer for painting. Before, my brushes would constantly dry up and I would have to replace them but with this product it keeps the brush super nice and allows for painting breaks!" - ktripp

"Convenient and works great! Would recommend for any painter." - TB

"I used this size as well as the next size up, the 3-4" and loved them both! I loved being able to pause my project when needed and get right back into it when I wanted. No washing brushes and no goopy residue. Amazing!" - DIYMom

"These Large Project Pack 3 to 4 in. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag by Brushbaggy are a pretty cool idea. For the longest time I either washed my paint brush after every use or wrap it in wax paper so I can use it the next day. Sometimes the wax paper worked, other times it didn't. Then I came across the Brushbaggy. What a simple but great idea. Granted, it's just a zip lock baggy with a small hole cut in the bottom. But it works! I have not tried it for two weeks straight but I have gone for five days and the brush is still usable. I really like using these bags when using an oil based paint, stain or top coat. These bags are made for three to four inch brushes. The baggy's are very simple to use. You just insert the handle into the top until the handle comes out the hole in the bottom then seal the zip lock and your done. The next time you want to use the brush simply hold on to the zip lock end and pull on the handle and the brush comes right out ready to use" - JayHawk714

"The Large Project Pack 1 to 3 IN. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag (50-PACK) by Brush Baggy work very well with quickly and conveniently storing your paint brush temporarily between coats. The brush even keeps well overnight for use the next day without spending gallons of water to wash it out between uses.  I have shared them with family and friends who seem to think that they are a "no-brainer" for any painting project!" - FlyersFanForLife

"A variation of what I have been doing for years, using a ziplock or push lock bag to keep paint brushes from drying out when you take a break for an hour or a day or two. These bags come in a variety of sizes. The brush versions aren’t long enough to fit the entire brush handle in, you seal around the handle with the push lock edge. An advantage to using these bags over standard plastic bags is that they are designed to be ripped open, so you can easily remove the brush and toss the plastic. They work fine in keeping the brush from drying out, but usually a few days is the most you can go between uses." - ToolTimeTony

"PRO SERIES PROJECT CUBE 9 IN. PAINT TRAY COVER ZIP TOP BAG (15-PACK) is another example of the products this company has that are just so helpful. When you paint and stop that’s where the fun begins and you have to cleanup, not to mention the wasted paint. So with this product you slip your tray and roller into this zippered plastic bag and zip her up and when you begin again unzip and re-start. Brilliant, saves time and paint. One pack would cover painting a whole house project. Add into the project the brush and just roller covers they also sell and I bet over the course of a large paint project you would have saved a gallon of wasted paint not to mention the mess and saved the time required to clean up each time. These are awesome." - Singlebuyer

"These bags did exactly as they claim! The cleanup time is reduced and I can stop and start some projects and the brush doesn't dry out. I want to look into this and see if they have anything for roller brushes too and possibly the paint tray. My health isn't what it used to be so I am not able to roll through a project quickly so this was a perfect solution!" - KLpurchasingmanager

"The paint brush cover tear away bag is good. I wish the plastic was thicker. But it works. The paint on the brush is proclaimed to last 2 weeks. And the plastic can be recycled which is great of you're into helping reduce your carbon footprint. The bags which are 3 to 4 inches in size fit all of my paint brushes. I do wish the holes for the handles were smaller for a more snug fit around the handle. I really love the clear directions. Slip, zip, and rip!!" - MichaelA

"This is a very simple item that makes painting jobs much easier. It's easy to stop at any point without having to clean out your brush. Need to run an errand during your painting, no problem just slip the handle into the Brush Baggy and when you come back you can continue where you left off.  This is really a very nice idea and a time and water saver. There is no need to clean your brush with this little baggy. Slip the brush into the baggy with the handle thru the hole in the bottom, smooth the baggy over the brush to remove the air and seal, done. Then when you're ready to continue painting just pull the brush out the bottom of the Brush Baggy.  I tested an old brush just to see if this would keep the paint from drying out. After setting for a full week the paint on the brush was still just as wet as when it came out of the can. The only area that had dried was at the edges of the paint in the baggy. The Brush Baggy keeps cleaning brushes down to a single wash at the end of your job, saving lots of time and water." - OutbackJoe

"I was happy to use these bigger paint brush covers because it saves me from having to replace my brushes. These covers also allow me to also store my expensive brushes after I have washed them out and dried them completely, they don't get dust or any dirt on them., I just take them out the covers and just start painting. When I have to use a brush to paint the outside trim of a house, I don't have to throw my brushes away because they got hard the next day, I just put them in the covers and place them in the freezer. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures , its too messy to use the camera and paint, and I didn't want to accidentally drop my phone in paint. LOL" - Lovenotes

"The Pro Series Project Cube 9 in. Paint Tray Cover Zip Top Bag is great for keeping your roller tray fresh.  Sometimes you can’t finish a painting project all in one day. Maybe not even in a weekend. At a minimum you need breaks for lunch. The paint tray will begin drying quickly if left uncovered, but pouring the paint back in the can and cleaning the tray wastes a lot of time.  An easy solution is the Pro Series Project Cube 9 in. Paint Tray Cover Zip Top Bag (15-Pack), model #BBL403.  It’s essentially an extra-large, heavy-duty Ziploc bag that fits your paint tray AND roller…..well, most rollers. It wasn’t quite large enough for the “extension handle” roller in the pictures. But regular roller frames will fit fine.  Or, pair this with the company’s Roller Brush Cover Zip Top Bag (model # BBL303) and cover the roller separately; then the tray easily fits in the large bag. The bag seals tightly, but you can’t squeeze all the air out (because of the shape of the tray), so I wouldn’t plan on long term storage, but it should easily be good for overnight. And with a little care it should be reusable. Definitely worth the money." - RobDIY

"These paint brush bags are a good addition to your paint kit if you find yourself doing work where you cannot get to water to clean-up a brush. Doing handyman work for people I occasionally find myself painting, but then without access to water. These bags have already helped save a couple of brushes until I could get home and clean them properly. They are easy to use and the zipper seal is nice. Sure there are other ways to seal up a brush for later use or cleaning, but none are as convenient as these little bags. Remember to check out other sizes as well for other sized brushes." - freestatehandy

"I got a chance to check out the “BrushBaggy” paint brush savers.  I’m a homeowner/DIY’er not a pro painter, so this review comes from that standpoint.  The Small Project Pack comes with 10 brush covers. The idea is you use the brush and, rather than cleaning, you slide it into one of the sleeves, seal it, and the brush remains pliable. Once the project is over you clean the brush.  I’ve been using a “home grown” version of this for years – using zippered sandwich bags; I insert the wet brush, close the zipper on the plastic sandwich bag as best I can, then wrap the bag around the paint brush handle and secure with a rubber band. The process has served me well, although it’s a bit cumbersome.  The “BrushBaggy” solution is a bit neater – the bag is sized to fit up to a 3” brush (although a 3” brush really seems to press the limit of the design, it’s a bit snug at that size brush). There’s a hole in one end of the bag for the paint brush handle to slip through while the bag covers the brush. Once the handle is all the way through you simply close the zipper and you’re good to go.  To remove the bag just hold the paint brush by the handle and rip the bag off by grasping the zipper end and pulling. Works well – but I do use painter’s gloves; those that paint bare handed might get a bit of paint on themselves. YMMV.  The small hole around the handle isn’t airtight, but that doesn’t seem to make much difference if you’re continuing the project within a day or two. I’ve not tested how long the bag will keep a brush fresh, but would assume 3-4 days wouldn’t be stretching it. BrushBaggy claims that the brush will remain fresh “for weeks” – but my DIY’er jobs generally don’t take that long once I’m in the painting stage.  The issue came when closing the bag – no matter how I tried (see photo attached) the wet brush managed to get paint on the zipper, making closing a bit messy. Perhaps if the BrushBaggy were just a tad larger it would open wider, allowing the wet brush to slide in without making contact with the zipper.  Still, even with the zipper getting a bit wet, this gadget is better than my old sandwich bag idea – there’s no need to secure everything with a rubber band and the BrushBaggy is better sized for paintbrushes. This, for me, is a “keeper” and I’ll keep a pack with my painting gear." -WarrenJim

"EASY to USE — The Brush Baggy is easy to use. All one needs to do is to slip the handle through the opening on one end and then zip seal the other end. I have been using plastic wrap for years to keep my brushes fresh between coats of paint or sealer. That has worked well over a few day period. One needs to be careful in using the Brush Baggy to ensure that there is a tight seal around the handle. Otherwise, with today’s fast drying paints and sealers, if air gets to the brush, small particles of paint will adhere to the brush and the brush will need to be cleaned anyway before painting. I used it with a 1" brush. With wider brushes, the handle portion may seal better." - BarBQLuvR

"These can keep the paint on a brush fresh between coats and save the need to wash the brush between coats. They can fit a maximum 4 inch brush and have a hole for the handle. They are ziploc like bags and the thickness is a little less than a freezer bag. The only problem I run into with this bags is that most of my brushes have handles that are thick then thin so they stretch out the hole in the bag. I only trust them for keep brushes fresh between coats, not overnight. They are recyclable but that doesn't matter much if the bag gets paint all over it. Overall, great product for keeping brushes wet between coats." - SteveVA

"Why didn't I think of this!!?? I used a brush baggy when I painted my son's nursery and it worked great! It's such a pain to keep on washing your brushes every time you need to take a break as well as waiting for the brushes to dry - ain't nobody got time for that. I would highly recommend these." - TB

"These are such a great idea, they are plenty big enought to handle a 2.5" brush, 3" would be a streach. But getting the bag to seal tight around the brush is a problem, the zip lock seems a little too narrow to grip if any paint gets into the zip track (which it will). If the zip trac were larger, more sturdy, it would solve this issue. Because when you put the brush in the bag you will get paint on/in the zip track. With paint in the zip track is very hard to get the bag to close/stay closed.  But they still work, after 3 days, my brush was still moist and ready to go.  I'll probably never wash another brush." - tcubed

"Paint brush cover tear away bags.(5) Description says that the bags are sized for 3-4 inch brush but I used it on a 11/2" brush and it worked fine. Used the bag after first coat of paint and than again some 20 hours later. Brush came out soft and paint was still wet. Instructions say to rip off bag to keep the brush handle clean but I used the same bag again. I did get some paint on the handle. Sealing bag is easy. I hang the bags on my pegboard next to my brushes." - TJW777

"I would recommend this product to anyone ( Professional or Homeowner) whom has a painting job to do, This product lets you put the tray, brush, roller into a bag so that it does not dry out fast due to the air exposure. This product lets you put the painting things away temporarily so that you can take a break or do other things and come back to a ready to use brush, roller, tray and finish the painting job needed and only have to clean the painting things once saving water and time and best of all when you purchase this product the company donates to water.org. which is great of a company to do." - wooly

"These helped us with a recent paint job on our master bedroom. Since it took several days to complete, the bags allowed us to save the brushes and rollers without having to wash and waste paint while not in use. Perfect!  Would recommend highly." - Rachel

"The Brushbaggy Large Project Pack 3 to 4 in. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag (25-Pack) is just what I have been looking for. For years, in order to keep my paint brushes (and rollers for that matter) from drying up in between coats, I haven been wrapping them in aluminum foil, then either placing them in my refrigerator if I anticipated a long wait, or just leaving them out on the tarp. Now, however, I can simply place my wet brushes in side the Brushbaggy. It's basically a bag with a seal at the top, but it works. So, if you are in need to keeping your brushes wet, I suggest the Brushbaggy Large Project Pack 3 to 4 in. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag (25-Pack)." - Smo77

"Okay, maybe you're not like me, but whenever I start a painting/staining project something always happens that requires me to stop, even if it's only to wait for my perfect first coat to dry long enough for a second coat. Whenever that stopping point hits I cover my tray. In the past I've used several methods, old shopping bags, and cling wrap were my favorites, each had its own pros and cons.  If I didn't cover the tray some misfortune always happened, dog tracking paint, bugs, dirt, blood etc. in the paint, paint starting to get hard and crusty at the edges, etc." - TheQueensGardener

"There are many times when I do a paint project that I run out of time in the day or just get lazy and finish days later and I will pull out the saran rap to cover the pan and put the pan in the fridge, days later the pan has air leaks in the rap and I have problems. BRUSH BAGGY roller tray bags solve that problem, no more dry paint, just slide the pan in the bag and zip it shut and it's air tight so you can finish another day and I don't have to find space in the fridge, how cool is that ? I've had paint in the tray with a roller In this BRUSH BAGGY for almost 2 weeks and it's still fresh, no more saran rap !! I don't know how long these bags have been available, but I'm using them from now on !! what a cool product and they are REUSEABLE and RECYCLABLE !!" - Garfield

"These I do love. Unlike the brush bags I actually love these as I like to paint multiple rooms at once and I have one really good roller and need to change paint rolls with different paints while preserving the paint on the roll for the other room. Normally I just use a one gallon Zip Loc bag but they are big and need to be rolled up. These allow me to slide in the roll and slide the roll off the roller with less fuss. 3 pack is the perfect size for me since I can use one for primer and one for the ceiling top coat and another for the wall top coat. Saves me time and money and that always makes me happy." - DoItAll

"I use these baggies to store my brushes after I've cut in the corners etc. The box opens from the top which makes it easy to pull the bags out. Then they just zip up right around your brush. It keeps the brush fresh for several hours. These bags are designed for bigger brushes but would probably work for smaller brushes too. You also get a lot of baggies in each box. Another pro: they're recyclable." - ama7291

"This comes handy regardless of the size of your project. These little bags do save indeed some time and allow the painter to focus on what the core of their job e.g. painting and less on the tedious cleaning/preparation part. Surely, there are some methods to preserve brushes but it is truly refreshing to come by a product which genuinely helps a task. So, well done brushbaggy!" - Tom79

"These bags are a great idea and a good value compared to throwing away dried up brushes or the time spent cleaning brushes after every use. They fit brushes up to 3". I stored a well-brushed out brush in one for a couple of days and it started to show signs of drying out. Adding a few drops of water and resealing the bag revived the brush. I noticed that the bag only seals tightly when pulled up against the handle, so I'll be careful in the future to make sure the handle seal is tight." - Camano

"Great For Every Paint Project" - SLOBrewer

"We are all painters or, at least, we all have tried to paint something at least one time in our lives, and we have all experienced that sinking feeling when we find our paintbrush all solid after being used which shows that paintbrushes - like us - need love. So what to do about this sad situation? Well, most of us know that putting a brush into a ziploc bag, then letting it rest in a freezer can prevent such tragedy.  Then comes brushbaggy with a new paintbrush bag concept which we are about to discover just now. At first I thought "seriously guys, this is just a ziploc bag with a hole in the bottom" because it looks like a ziploc bag with a hole in the bottom. But come to think of it, this product is likely to meet the needs of painters who want a paintbrush conservation device and who don't have time to cut holes in ziploc bags. Plus can you find ziploc bags at the Home Depot? I don't think so. So, save yourself a trip to the grocery store plus the ultra-demanding effort of cutting a hole at the bottom of ziploc bag and get those brushbaggy bags. Show your paintbrushes some love, get them those brushbaggy bags." - Tom79

"I have always used left over grocery store plastic bags to wrap up my paint brushes during a lull in the middle of a project. With latex paint if you even leave the brush out for an hour or so the paint sets up. These plastic covers are great. They seal up much better than a grocery sack and it is easier to insert and remove the brush. If I am painting anything other than trim I use an airless sprayer so I rarely use a brush bigger than 3". I can pretty much store any brush I use in the 1 to 3 inch bag." - Michael

"If you need to take a break from painting on a medium-sized project, and need to walk away for more than a few minutes, use these plastic baggies to seal up your paint trays to keep things fresh.  The bags are nicely sized, even for my larger trays. And you can keep the roller, handle and brushes in the bag too.  If you don't make a mess in the bag, you might be able to use it more than once.  The bags are packaged so you can pull just one at a time (rather than being all folded together like many bags are packaged.)  While it indicates you can keep your paint trays/tools fresh for up to two weeks, I recommend using it for a few hours, not a few days." - JohnS

"When I first saw these brush baggies I thought to myself "Wow it's about time." The concept is actually very simple and is an improvement over my use of sandwich bags to keep paint brushes from drying out while doing a paint job. These brush baggies look like a regular plastic "zip lock" bag that have a hole in the bottom for the brushes' handles to stick through. To use them you simply insert the brush into the baggie handle first and into the cutout in the bottom. I tried several of my brushes with various handle shapes and each made a good seal where the handle protruded through the bottom of the bag. This allows the brushes to be stored for a short period while taking a break from painting. In the past I have had problems with the brushes getting partially dried, particularly with latex paints, before resuming my project. When you want to start painting again just pick up the brush and tear the baggie off of it and toss the bag into the trash. Simple, no mess, no fuss. What a good idea!" - basspro361

"This zip top bag makes the painting process a TON easier and resolves a major headache. These are super easy to use and the box is easy to stash with other painting supplies. It's basically just a big sandwich bag (seems simple enough) but it really is one of my favorite additions to the myriad painting products available now. I've been using aluminum foil for years to wrap up rollers and brushes between coats but these bags are much easier and cleaner. They'll keep your brushes from drying out for at least a couple days and are well worth picking up." - Eddie

"They worked better then expected. I only used one of them since i'm doing touch up work around the house." - matt

"This is one of those time savers that seems obvious and a little extravagant, but this product just works. In the past I've used old shopping bags or even cling wrap to cover paint brushes while taking a break or for the inevitable trip back to the home improvement store for more paint or tape or something!  These just work so much better, they're design for one thing, keeping your wet paint brush from drying out. It's a pain to clean your brush while taking a break, this bag solves that pain." - TheQueensGardener

"These are such a great idea, they are plenty big to handle a 9" thick tuft roller. but getting them to seal tight around the roller is problematic, the zip lock seems a little too narrow to grip if any paint gets into the zip track. If the zip trac were larger, more sturdy, it would deal with this issue. Because when you put the roller in the bag you probably will get paint on/in the zip track. With paint in the zip track is was very hard to get the bag to close/stay closed.  But they still work, the image below is after the roller has been in the bag for 3 days, still moist and ready to go. I'll probably never wash another roller." -  tcubed

"Living in drought-ridden California, I found it frustrating to have to waste so much water cleaning rollers and paint trays, when I was going to be painting the next coat the next day. So, I would use a garbage bag and put it over the roller and paint tray for the night. Not only did this save water, but time due to cleaning, and paint since a roller will suck up a good amount of paint when you first use it. The number one problem with using a garbage bag is you have to ensure that the garbage bag is completely covering and touching the roller, so no air gets to the roller. So when you remove the garbage bag, you are very likely going to get paint on yourself and nearby surfaces.  When I saw a professional product designed to do what I was using garbage bags, I decided to give it a try. What are they? The paint roller is a Ziploc baggie with a hole cut out for the handle. The paint tray is a large Ziploc baggie perfectly sized to fit the tray. The box has a convenient ‘push and open’ on top of the box, for easy access to the bags.  The Brushbaggy products for paint roller and paint trays are a perfect solution to my garbage bag problem, so I highly recommend them, even is you only paint infrequently – save money, water and time!" - Franztini

"A simple, clever idea that works well for oil-based wood stain. They worked great and helped avoid the daily brush clean up while we were staining cedar logs for our porch project.  The bags are easy to use, you just open up the press zip top, slide in the brush, handle first through the small hole in the bottom of the bag, and then re-seal the zip top.  We were using oil-based exterior wood stain and found that we could leave the brushes in the bag for 1-2 days before the wood stain started to cure on the brush bristles. This was a great help since the natural wood logs we were staining are 10-14 feet long and we were able to sand/stain 3-4 logs per day.  We actually re-used the same bag at the end of each day and we were able to reinsert the brush without getting stain residue from the inside of the bag on the brush handles. We were also able to slide two 3” chip brushes into the same bag. Once the project was done, we cleaned the brushes in paint thinner and threw away the used brush baggy in the trash.  The unused bags are easy to store in their original packaging in the painting drawer in our workshop, ready for the next project." - LosRubios

"This is basically a long sandwich baggy. You can close the zip-top part around the roller frame, but it does not form a perfect seal. It is just too impracticable and messy to remove the roller cover to close the bag completely. It is good enough to keep your roller wet for a few days though. One problem I had was getting paint on the zip-top part because the bag is not very big. I do like the product though. I have never ever washed a roller cover and just throw them away when I am done, so I need a way to store them in-between coats. These baggys kept my brushes nice and wet and did not dry out. I normally use plastic grocery bags, but now I use these." - KatieKat

"These small paint brush covers are good for the small paint brushes when you need to take a break or need to stop. I just put the brush in the cover and place it in the freezer when I need to finish the project the next day. Not having to wash the brush ensures that there won't be any water in the brush . I don't have to worry about streaking occurring because I didn't have to wash it out. The covers ensure that my brush doesn't get hard in between painting another project." - Lovenotes

"I love painting but I tend to lack enthusiasm when it comes to time for the cleanup. I’ve tried putting my rollers in a plastic bag and sometimes it worked and other times they just dried up if I waited too many days in between projects or didn’t tie the bag tight enough. I’m a DYI’er by weekends and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to finish a project in a couple of days. BrushBaggy is definitely a great alternative for me. My rollers fit easily in the bag and it seals airtight for weeks! You can also reuse the bags making them a truly amazing product and worth the little money that they cost." - Daniel

"These paint tray cover zip top bags work exactly as described. They really do the job. The bags are very simple and easy to use. You just put your paint tray with the paint still in the tray into the bag and press and seal the top. We got interrupted in the right after filling the tray with paint. We put it in the bag and zipped it up. The next morning the paint was still perfect. I will always use these bags going forward on jobs where we are painting on multiple days. There are 15 bags to the box, so it is a good value. You should try these bags on your next big painting project." - contractor

"I have used these 3-4" paint brush bag covers. They really do what they say they will do. I had a project to paint and it took me about 5 days to finish the painting as I only did a little at a time. I looked forward to using these brush baggies because they said they would work for up to two weeks. I am telling you that my paint brush was super ready to go each day I went back to me painting. The time you save cleaning a brush each time is amazing." - Bonus

"I can't say enough great things about this product! The bags make it very easy to take breaks while painting and for clean up. You don't have to worry about your brush drying out or getting ruined. I won't paint without them now!" - ktripp

"This paint brush sleeve idea is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" products. In the past, I have used newspaper, aluminum foil, or clear plastic wrap with various levels of success. Now, I am going to rely on these paint brush covers during lunch or when just taking a break. They work as expected and I believe has even eased brush cleaning. I am happily using these bags." - RickP

"These brush covers are awesome. I am the type of person that likes to touch up on spots i missed the next day when i can see them when the wall/item is dry. I often put my brushes and rollers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh so i can continue without having to waste another new brush or roller or wash them out and then have to wait for them to dry. These are perfect! You put your brush/or roller into the bag and throw them in the fridge and take them out mess free, no more garbage bags for me...awesome product." - Ladybug

"These Pro Series project cube 3 - 4 inch paint brush covers are great. I love changing the paint colors in my condo but always hated wasting time having to clean the brush if I had to stop in the middle of a job. With these tear away brush covers it is so simple to just tear off a bag, put the brush inside and come back later to a soft brush that lets me finish the job. Great idea." - Roses

"These bags are super convenient and most of all? Economical and time saving. If I had to purchase new paint bins due to not wanting to keep washing the ones I used on that day of painting it would have cost me a lot of money to buy new ones and a lot of time to scrub the one I had to use the next day. With these bags its so convenient. Just slip the whole thing in there and you are DONE its fresh when you open the bag and you are good to go with no time wasting." - julialynn

"SMALL PROJECT PACK 9 IN. ROLLER BRUSH COVER ZIP TOP BAG (3-PACK)  I am NOT the painter in the house. That task is gleefully embraced by my wife. Up until these roller covers, she would drape a clear food wrap over the paint tray and roller or just wrap the roller. She would go thru a lot of wrap in just one room. She really likes these little bags. She can get the roller in and out with no help and reuse the same bag for the entire job." - Enuf2bDangerous

"These are a must have for any painting project - it saved me so much time by eliminating the need to wash and dry my brushes. What a great product, worth every penny!" - TB


"My wife and I wish that i saw these a few weeks ago. Awesome for saving your brushes. I like their motto Slip - Zip - and Rip. Perfectly explains how it is used. You can put the brush paint and all into this pouch. When you need it again you just rip it open and start on your project again. I amazed on how the pint stays wet. No need to do the worst part of painting." - Jarett

"These 9 inch roller brush covers with zip top bags are such a great idea to have when you are painting and need to stop for the day. You can put your wet roller into this bag not having to clean out your roller for the day without them drying out. I recently was painting my bathroom and these bags came in so handy to pop one in and stop for the night. I was able to quickly resume painting the next day and already had some paint absorbed into my roller making the job easier.   It saves time and paint. You get to keep the paint from the roller since you don't have to wash it out until you have finished your job. Great Idea who ever thought of these bags." - SGd1957

"The Pro Series Project Cube 9 in. Roller Brush Cover Zip Top Bag is great for keeping your roller “fresh” between coats.  A large paint rolling project could easily span a couple of days. Or maybe you get interrupted and have to stop in the middle. Ignore the roller and it will dry out. But cleaning takes a lot of time. No problem! Roller Brush Cover Zip Top Bag (model # BBL303) to the rescue!  Essentially a heavy-duty Ziploc bag custom fit to 9” paint rollers, it will easily keep the roller wet for weeks. The only catch is that you need to remove the roller cover from the roller frame in order to seal the bag.  In the first set of pictures you’ll see that I “cheated” and did not remove the cover. Instead I used a rubber band to close the end, which was fine for a 1-2 hour break." -RobDIY

"Living in drought-ridden California, I found it frustrating to have to waste so much water cleaning brushes when I was going to be painting the next coat the next day. So, I would use a Ziploc baggie and put it over the brush for the night. Not only did this save water, but time due to cleaning. When I saw a professional product designed to do what I was using zip lock baggies, I decided to give it a try.   What are they? A Ziploc baggie with a hole cut out for the handle. At this price point, they are about a penny more than a Ziploc bag. For a penny – these are a must buy. A box of 300 will last a long time. The box has a convenient ‘push and open’ on top of the box, for easy access to the bags." - Franztini

"Clever, zip-type plastic bag design through the use of which the painter can completely cover and seal a nine-inch roller pan, in my case , even including the roller and cover. This permits the paint job to be continued, with the same roller and pan, without having to clean. The time-saving potential, and possible mess avoidance, it provides is significant. It also means the roller cover is in the same physical condition it was (meaning the roller's nap) when re-starting the paint job. A very good, convenient time-saver." - NDIrish

"These Large Project Pack 3 to 4 in. Paint Brush Cover Tear Away Bag by Brushbaggy are a pretty cool idea. For the longest time I either washed my paint brush after every use or wrap it in wax paper so I can use it the next day. Sometimes the wax paper worked, other times it didn't. Then I came across the Brushbaggy. What a simple but great idea. Granted, it's just a zip lock baggy with a small hole cut in the bottom. But it works! I have not tried it for two weeks straight but I have gone for five days and the brush is still usable. I really like using these bags when using an oil based paint, stain or top coat. These bags are made for three to four inch brushes. The baggy's are very simple to use. You just insert the handle into the top until the handle comes out the hole in the bottom then seal the zip lock and your done. The next time you want to use the brush simply hold on to the zip lock end and pull on the handle and the brush comes right out ready to use." - Jayhawk714

"Most people agree washing their brushes isnt an enjoyable experience. BrushBaggy is a specially designed zip top plastic bag, sized to enclose your paint brushes to protect them from drying out in between uses. Save hours in washing your brushes. Protect your tools and conserve water by waiting until the end of your project to wash out your brushes. Brushes go in easy and seal air tight. Sized for a 1-3 inch brush, these baggies come in three different levels of quantities - 10 pack, 50 pack, and 300 pack depending on the size of your project. Don't use messy plastic wrap or hard plastic shells that warp and still require cleaning - BrushBaggy is much better. The easy tear away design allows quick release of your brush so the paint mess is kept inside the bag - Slip, Zip and Rip!" - JSE

"The Brush Baggy is an excellent idea for preserving brushes without washing them for those times when you're coming right back to the job in a few hours or a day. It's simple, using the zip loc design with a hole for the brush handle and it seals right up to keep the brush from drying out. The tear away design is nice for when the job's done and you're ready to clean the brush. I'd definitely recommend it for the home painter." - Rockhunter

"My friend told me about these. I used to use plastic wrap but always kind of hated the mess and sometimes it didn't seal well enough. these are a million times better than that. This is such a great way to work on projects when you have multiple coats and need to stop for a while. Even if you're in the middle of the first coat but your kids need dinner.  I use at least a gallon or more of water to clean a brush so I'm happy that I don't have to do it every time now. Starting up again is super easy too. you just have to pull it off and it rips open and slides out.  I've used this and the other sizes too. I really love them. I wish I didn't have to order them, but I stocked up since they aren't available in the store." - ironfist

"When we live very busy lives A project such as painting comes up I cant tell you how many paint rollers and paint trays I have had to toss because I have been called off the project for some emergency and by the time I get back everything is dry and crusty no more these paint tray cover bags put an end to that I just slip roller and tray in all at once and even the next day I was able to pull it out and start painting with no issues I would recommend these tray bags to everyone." - Red54

"Zip locks that are in the shape of a roller brush. Fits perfect and is air tight. Where have these been for the last 20 years? Someone here said they just use grocery bags. Yeah, guess what? We all have used grocery bags but they suck and we just used them cause there was nothing else better... until now!" - PinBallWizard

"Works great, keeps paint wet between coats. These are essentially large zip-loc bags that can cover an entire paint tray and standard roller (not a roller with an extendable handle). They zip tight and are great to keep paint wet for several hours to overnight. The thickness of the bags is just shy of a freezer bag so be careful when handling. I can leave my paint tray and roller in a dark and cool place overnight or for hours before re-using the next day. These bags are much better than using trash bags or freezing the roller. They save money as well." - SteveVA

"Usually I buy 9 inch paint roller covers in medium size quantities since I dispose of each one as soon as I finish painting for awhile. Sometimes I go through 3 or more covers in a day since they harden up very quickly between breaks. Yes, I have heard of buying baggies large enough to hold a cover but have never tried it. So far today, I am not painting but I followed the instructions and went through the motions. I am convinced that the use of this item will preserve the cover for reuse.  The plus side of this is it will allow me to buy better quality covers since I will not be disposing or (ugh: trying to clean) used covers.  This beats buying large baggies as these baggies are designed for 9 inch roller covers." - Hickory

"Simple design that works great! I have been using ziplock bags to accomplish what this product does but this product works much better. Easy to drop in a wet paint brush and seal it up. When your ready to use it again just tear it off and throw away the mess. Paint brushes are expensive and this allows you to reuse the brush over and over again without having to wash it and dry it out between uses. I used it on a brush that was again used 12+ hours later and the brush did not dry out. If you put it in the frig it would probably last for days without drying out. This product is a time saver and brush saver, wished I would have thought of this!" - randall

"What a great idea!  I used these for some brushes overnight and, as advertised, they were a breeze to put on and kept the brushes usable for the next day. They were very easy to remove without a mess and simple to dispose of. If I can wait until the end of a paint job instead of doing it every day, it will save time and hopefully extend the life of the brushes. I think the claim of 'good for two weeks' is a bit of an extreme, but for a day or two they work just fine.  I personally believe in washing brushes after use, but my wife feels otherwise and would use sandwich bags. They aren't designed for this task and were a bit messy.  I don't do this for a living, but we are remodeling our home and have several more rooms to work on. I think this box will last me a very long time." - JohnF

"Before I retired I was lucky enough to get to paint all sorts of things with the instruction of a "GREAT GREAT" painter, Big John. My brother in law was the MOST meticulous professional painter you could ever imagine. BUT!! when it came to clean up time, he lost his mind! Because of that, I tried way too many things to alleviate this stressful situation. Well, this paint brush cover is gonna take the place of another of 'MY INVENTIONS". I'm sharing a portion of these with a couple of my friends who paint every day to get their reaction, and see if there's matches up with mine!! I would not use this product on a cheeeepy brush, but then, I don't buy/have cheeepy brushes. Good brush = good results!!!" - Gerald

"PRO SERIES PROJECT CUBE 9 IN. ROLLER COVER ZIP TOP BAG (75-PACK) are so helpful. The roller covers saves you time, saves you paint and limits the mess of painting. When we start and have to stop that's when the part I dislike so much, begins, the constant clean up. Let's say you have a color scheme and you are using more than one color. With these you can also change the roller and if it’s latex just put it in the refrigerator and use your new color and switch back after letting the other come back to room temp. To just load a roller with paint, I bet it takes close to a pint, depending on the nap thickness. This little bag will save you dollars not cents. They have them for brushes and trays, too. Wonderful, smart product." - Singlebuyer

"This product is an excellent idea!! I have been using garbage bags and zip closure sandwich bags for years to seal our paint brushes, rollers and trays while we are working on a paint project. Now we finally have a bag that actually fits our brushes, rollers and tray. This bag is made of heavy duty material and has a heavy duty zipper closure. The bags come in a easy to use dispenser box. This product is right on target and will save us many hours of washing our tools while we are in the middle of a paint project. It would be great if a bag could be developed that would cover the tray and allow you to add your paint to the tray while keeping the tray clean. That way at the end of the job, you just throw the bag away and the tray is still clean ! We have also found that if you put your sealed tools in the refrigerator, it helps keep the paint fresh. Again, this is an excellent idea and product and I recommend it." - Gus

"Great time saver. I have used plastic grocery bags and plastic garbage bags for years to wrap paint brushes and rollers while I took a break or stopped for lunch. These little bags make for a much quicker, cleaner and time saver than the other bags. The box says they are for 3-4 inch brushes but with a little painters tape, they can be used for even smaller brushes. From a time saver and ease of clean-up these are the best." - bigdog

"It is amazing how much time it saved me when painting my room. I could stop and do something else and start right back without the hassle of washing my roller. Everyone should have one of these if they have any paint project. I also have one for my brush! They are great!!" - grandmomofeight

"These are great! no more need to wash the paint brushes between coats or even during a project. I used to wrap my brushes in cling wrap but found that to be tedious and messy. These bags make the process simple and easy. Just drop the brush into the bag, zip the top up and when you need it, just pull on it and it breaks away at the handle to insure you don't get painty hands. I take the extra step of putting it into a bigger ziplock and then into my fridge if I am going to be stepping away from a project for 2+ days. when I return my brush is still pliable and wet." - Bb101

"Not an original idea, but a good marketing product! If you are a painter and have ever used supermarket plastic bags to wrap your roller covers in, this just takes the place of that.  I prefer to have a shopping bag so I can lay the roller down and then wrap it and tuck it in the ends (I usually take the cover off the handle and I have a trick for doing so). This item is about 12" long and 6" wide and has a zip lock at one end. Basically an elongated food baggie. I found that it is more than likely to have air pockets than my normal method, however, you just need to squeeze out the air as you roll the baggie around the cover. If you take off the handle, you can still tuck the ends in.  Although it says you can put a brush in to store overnight, as a professional, I'd recommend NOT doing any such thing. Your brushes will last longer if you clean them after each use and not let them lay out with paint while you are working." - painters1953

"I have enjoyed using this product for my larger crafty painting projects. Mind you, I'm not painting walls, but if I was I think the larger sizes would work to similar advantage. But when I start a project after dinner, and won't get back to it until after dinner the next night or maybe 3 nights away, my brushes stay ready, and I don't have to clean anything in the sink until the project is finished." - CraftyLady

"I love this product. The BrushBaggy saves me time & money not having to fumble with a roll of plastic. They’re also 100% recyclable, significantly reducing waste." - RaelPainting

"What a great product !! I never had to waste time washing my brush between the 4 coats it took to repaint my kitchen table !! I will always keep BrushBaggy handy with every painting project from now on!!" - Momof3

"These baggies are so convenient! I love that they aren't as messy as regular plastic wrap and they're very affordable too. I wish you carried them in stores." - ELS

"This product saved me so much time. I could stop and return to my project without any cleanup or wasted paint or time. Great idea! Everyone should have this for any home paint project." - mimiofeight

"Must have for any paint job!!! These are so easy to use and saved me so much time and kept the brushes wet without having to wash the brush in between paint jobs. I would highly recommend!" - TB

"This is basically a sandwich baggy with a hole at the end for the paint brush handle to stick through. It is difficult to re-use a baggy more than one time because you put the brush into the bag handle first. If you are re-using a bag that already has paint in it, you will inevitably get paint on the handle. Another problem I had was getting paint on the zip-top part because the bag is not very big. Other than these two issues, I think that the product is a really good idea. I never wash my brushes and just throw them away when I am done, so I need a way to store them in-between coats. These baggys kept my brushes nice and wet and did not dry out. I normally use plastic grocery bags, but now I use these." - KatieKat

"These paint brush cover bags work great! The bags are so easy to use. You just open them up, put your paint brush (without cleaning it) in the bag and press and seal it up. The bags worked just as described. We had just started a painting project when visitors came by the house. They stayed until we didn't have time to start back on the painting. It wasn't until the next day that we started back, and the paint brush was still wet and ready to use. I highly recommend trying these on your next painting project. The box comes with 150 bags, so there are plenty to use for many projects to come." - contractor

"Loved how this kept the paint on the roller wer between coats and did not have any clumps. Also used the brush baggies." - PitzDIY

"Where has this product been? What a great idea! So handy to have around as you transition back and forth from roller to paint brush." - Berkley

"Spent the weekend painting my kids room and the paint tray cover was a huge help. I was able to seal the tray when I needed to run out and catch a couple soccer games. Great product!!" - Hudson

"I wasn's so sure about these at first, seemed like a solution to a problem I didn't have....but was on-line looking up roller types and I thought I would get them a try.  I was looking up roller types because mine always dry out. Ok, so my projects take longer than they should but I have three kids!  These bags are awesome. So simple, no fuss no muss. I can't believe they were just now invented. No twisted HD plastic bag that gets paint all over it (and me).  Freakin' love them." - Pano

"Works great! I discovered these bags and they really do keeps the roller from drying out for several days. I completed a 3-day painting job with the same rollers and we never had to wash them. Works like a zip-lock bag and tears off easily when you're ready to use the roller the next day! What a time saver. Highly recommend!"  Toby

"I was in the middle of re-painting a table, and realized we had to be at my son’s soccer game. I put my brush In the brush baggy and was able to finish the job the next day. I decided to test another brush baggy when I was painting trim...I put that brush in a brush baggy was able to continue painting 4 days later!! These are great,no mess and easy to use!!" - Caroline1232

"No more messy grocery bags! These baggy's are perfect for paint projects of all sizes." - ct

"Every painter should have these in stock at all times. They're super useful! Highly recommended." - Avidpainter

"Used these for a paint job that took me several days to complete. They were so easy to use and kept my paint pan and roller from drying out! So much better than using those plastic grocery bags that don't usually cover the whole tray and dries out your paint before your project is completed. I will buy these again for all my future painting projects!" - Rose

"PRO SERIES PROJECT CUBE 3 TO 4 IN. PAINT BRUSH COVER is a great idea. i bet if I had that idea once it was every time I was painting and had to stop. Good paint is not cheap. This comes in a dispenser type box and you pull one out and stick the handle in first and then zipper it closed. Bam, you can quit until morning of stop to make supper without the paint drying out. Then just tear upward to open it up to start again. Useful idea, well executed." - Singlebuyer

"Love Love Love these! What else do you do with a wet paint brush when you need to stop and take a break? Plastic wrap or foil? Too messy and half the time it takes too long or I don't wrap it correctly. With this zip lock bag wipe the excess off the brush and slip it in, then zip it up. The hole seals around the brush handle. Tears away with a tug when you are ready to go again. Such an elegant solution." - WeekendWarriorDIYer

"I have kids, and those who can relate understand that projects can be interrupted without warning... Brushbaggy allows me to stop in the middle to tend to other priority’s, easily, mess free, and then jump right back into my painting project ELIMINATING the need to wash the brush! It takes me 10 minutes to wash out a brush.. each time, plus it’s just not my favorite thing to do.. now, I wait until my paint project is finished thanks to BrushBaggy and my new routine." - Dan

"So thankful for this product as I HATE washing out roller brushes constantly so they won't dry out. This allows me to go about my day, between coats and jump right back into my project. Saves lots of time and a game changer if you hate washing out brushes like I do!" - ktripp

"This paint tray cover is a no brainer!!  I had the Brush Baggy for the paintbrush and loved it- but this one is a game changer!  No more painting till 2AM just to finish all the paint in the tray. Yay for me- I can get sleep and not waste the paint.  Wish I had these 20 years ago when I started painting." - Scheck

"I usually spend 30 mins cleaning brushes and trays. This cover made it so east to clean the tray. And makes a good spout to poor paint back in can." - PitzDIY