Welcome to BrushBaggy! It's been just over 1 year since we launched this venture officially so I think it's about time we begin the blog. So much has happened in a year. Bringing a product to market is no small task. BrushBaggy is a simple (and very effective) product so I can't imagine what a complicated product must be like to take on?!

The response to our products to date has been great. We took a basic problem that all painters have and found an elegant solution that works great. Slip, Zip, and Rip! What could be easier? After you have used these little baggies you begin to have a different relationship with paint. Suddenly projects don't seem so daunting knowing you can start and stop at a moment's notice and not worry about cleaning or stuff drying out. Have you tried them yet? You will wonder why no one has done this earlier!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas on what it's like to be a small independent entrepreneur trying to bring a product to market - the highs points to date, the set backs, the unforeseen, etc. Perhaps this can be a guide to others out there with their own product ideas?

Feel free to comment and post to this blog!